Fish can be both a boon or a hinderance to Florida ponds. Wether they assist in control of underwater weeds or nuisance species of fish, when the fish population is out of balance with the size of the body of water, numerous problems can result. For instance, overpopulation can result in high ammonia levels, leading to increased algae growth, lower dissolved oxygen levels, high pH, high turbidity, increased bottom "sludge", and in the case of Tilapia and Plecostomus, erosion problems. Stocking can provide a great way of restoring balance to a pond ecosystem as well. Gamefish can aid in nuisance species control as well as provide for sport fishing.



Pond Professional, LLC offers fish stocking, nuisance species netting, fish barrier installation, as well as water testing and assessment to determine best course of action.

Triploid Grass Carp barrier installed over weir of a stormwater pond

Netted Tilapia

Dissolved Oxygen Test